16" Rumble - Bernese Plush

Our favorite plush in honor of Rumble, Sugarbush's Bernese mountain dog mascot who spent nearly nine years at the mountain, pursuing a life of adventure and camaraderie. Rumble's adventures included hiking, walking, cooling off in the streams and rivers, and leading the annual dog parade. 16" and oh-so loveable.

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Rumble even got to accompany Win on an Allyn's Lodge Fireside Dinner and run (and bark) all the way down the mountain. Rumble's camaraderie came in the form of hanging out with dog friends and siblings at the mountain, regularly hosting his dog cousins for weekend and holiday visits, and of course, spending time at his dog house surrounded by the many children of Sugarbush. It goes without saying that Rumble loved food. While he relied on a regular diet of dog food, this was augmented with bacon, kale and other veggies, ice cream and apple pie. Surface washable. 16" plush. 24 months and up. Bone not included.
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